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Human Rubberband

Human Rubberband

Kids LOVE this! You can either buy a co-operblanket, or make one with about 18 yds. of lycra material. Just sew the ends of the lycra together to form a huge band. The seam gets A LOT of stress, so it must be secured well with a serger. Kids have tons of fun without even knowing they are getting a…

Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics

An idea using gymnastics mats to teach step aerobics in a large group setting

step aerobics dvds

step aerobics dvds

Does anyone have a great step aerobics dvd for me to use with elementary students

Aerobic Cone Flip...

Aerobic Cone Flip Over (Aerobic Horseshoes)

The idea for this game came to me the other day, and it worked well when I tried it in my classes. Equipment Needed: Poly Spots, Bean Bags, dome/disc cones.  * Put the students into groups of 2 or 3 (grouping can differ depending on your class size and gym size)  I use the poly spot to…

Aerobic Bowling

Aerobic Bowling

reinforcing underhand rollin

Aerobic Steps Rubric

Aerobic Steps Rubric

Hello everyone! Use the aerobic steps with a posted rubric to help motivate your students.  We are the gators and have classified each level of our rubric to correspond with our mascot, the gator.  We believe our students are very motivated to achieve the highest possible level at this center…

Step Aerobic...

Step Aerobic Routines w/ribbons

In groups of 3-6 students work together 4-5 classes to develop their final step aerobic routine that is assessed using a 10 point rubric. This activity utilizes technology www.turnstep.com to obtain our steps and www.powermusic.com for the music. We video with flip cameras and assess together with the…

Stompin' to the 60's...

Stompin' to the 60's - Aerobic Dance

Mary Bloyd's K-5 classes enjoy moving to the beat with this fun, aerobic dance routine set to the tune of Same Old Song by the Four Tops

Aerobic Football

Aerobic Football

This is a fast paced game of throwing and catching a football. It is good to go over the concepts of throwing and catching prior to using this activity.  Split your class into teams of 3 (depends on gym size) and give  a football to each team (I let the teams pick either a nerf football…

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