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Gymnastics Help (K-2...

Gymnastics Help (K-2)

…decided I wanted to give it a try my first year teaching.  I am looking for anything you have to offer me.  My school(s) do not have a balance beam, bars, etc.. just mats so it needs to be simple. I can tell you what I am looking to incorporate throughout the unit: Balancing Body Awareness Levels…

DE Obstacle Course

DE Obstacle Course

…review of all the skills covered in our Movement unit.  Running, jumping, throwing, tumbling, and using the balance beam are all skills taught.   Equipment: Gymnastic mats, balance beam, hula hoops, scooter, balls, goals and any other equipment you want to use to create your own course.

Gymnastics Stations

Gymnastics Stations

Last lesson of our Gymnastics Unit: 1.) Vault 2.) Climbing Wall 3.) Single Balances 4.) Rolling Mat 5.) Traveling Mat 6.) Jump Boxes 7.) Balance Beam 8.) Partner Balance

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses

…the rock wall, zig zagging through approx 15 cones, leaping from hula hoop to hula hoop (x10 or so), six hurdles (foam noodles set on cones), a balance beam, "swimming" on a scooter, flat rings set on the floor for quick feet (like ti

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