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PE JENGA - Classroom...

PE JENGA - Classroom PE Activity

An activity for the classroom. When students pull a block from the tower, they look at the number and match it to the exercise sheet and the students must perform the assigned exercise.

Classroom PE

Classroom PE

I am looking for ideas on PE activities that can be done in a classroom. The kids are in middle school and the gym was wrecked by a tornado last year. Outdoor space is limited, hence the need for classroom ideas.  There are 25-30 kids in each class. The desks get pushed to the side, but I am…

PE in the classroom

PE in the classroom

Does anyone have any classroom PE activities that have kept students interested? There some periods in my schedule that the gym is not available for PE?

Classroom PE

Classroom PE

Once in a while, I have to have PE in the classroom! Those who do this as well, what do you do in their? 1. PE Bingo- try to get Bingo's by asking their friends questions or to perform fitness tasks 2. PE Jenga- Each block has an activity on it that they must perform before placing the block back…

Classroom PE, What...

Classroom PE, What Do You Do?

Well every once in a while I have to abandon the gym for the classroom due to testing, assemblies, etc!! What activities do you do if you have the same issue

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