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Top ten Games for PE...

Top ten Games for PE.

…cooperative and everybody must participate!   1. capture the flag 2. dodge ball 3. squab 4. Kickball 5. tug-o-war 6. Cageball 7. The hunted game 8. Hula hut throw down 9. The cat and the Rat 10. scooter pin soccer

Hula Hut Throwdown

Hula Hut Throwdown

*if you want to skip the intro, the game starts at 5:40 Rules: - No Guarding Trashcans - No Repairing Hula Huts - No Throwing at Builders while they are building - You can't cross the midline, unless you are a destroyer collecting hoops or a gatherer collecting balls - If you break a rule sit in…

Hula Hut Knockdown

Hula Hut Knockdown

Active game that encourages teamwork and cooperatio

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