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Jump Rope Unit

Jump Rope Unit

I am starting my jump rope unit this week.  I have done the same activities for quite a few years and was wanting to see what I could do to improve.  I usually spend a few days working on jumping skills (skier, bell etc) and then work on my jump clubs.  I have a skills jump club and a…

Team Jump Rope...

Team Jump Rope Tournament - WHIRLWIND!

A fun way to put a little healthy competition together in your jump rope unit when you get to team ropes Rules: - You must run in and jump one time only and run out - Every time the rope turns there must be somebody in it jumping You are out if:  - You touch the rope - You let the rope turn in…

Intermediate Jump...

Intermediate Jump Rope Tricks (2nd - 3rd)

Some jump rope tricks for 2nd - 3rd graders that we use during our jump rope unit. *You can use these for older kids as well Skip Side Straddle Front Straddle Straddle Cross Single Side Swing Double Side Swing Criss Cross



I play this game during my jump rope unit. Great activity during recess. It improves students reaction time, jumping and hopping ability

Jump Rope Routine

Jump Rope Routine

This is a group of students performing a jump rope routine for their assessment test for the jump rope unit. The girls have to perform 6 tricks each within the group routine because they are in 6th grade. They are assessed based on performance criteria

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