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'Twas the night...

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving

This is an obstacle course that I do each year around Thanksgiving. It can be adapted to the equipment you have within your program.  We start off the class with me reading the book to them.

Thanksgiving Games...

Thanksgiving Games for the elementary level

It is almost that time of year, does anyone have any new and fun thanksgiving games/activities that you can share?

The Great Turkey...

The Great Turkey Race

…during my speed stacking unit but added a little twist for the Thanksgiving season.  We call it the Great Turkey race.  It involves several speed stacking challenges on their way to grandma's house so they can deliver the Thanksgiving Day turkey.  The kids love this activity and within a few…

Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot

This year we are holding our 3rd annual Turkey Trot at a K-5 building.  It will be held Thanksgiving week.  The entire school goes outside to brave the cold and  cheer one another on.  Our K girls run first- then K boys, 1st grade girls- 1st grade boys, etc.  The last group…



I am being observed after Thanksgiving Break and I am on Basketball for 3-5. Does anyone have any ball activities for K-2

Turkey Travel To...

Turkey Travel To Grandmother's House

Thanksgiving activity great for small groups.

Turkey round up

Turkey round up

In this game you have turkeys and farmers, the turkeys are trying to get out of the pen and gather the food while the farmers are trying to tag the turkeys. If turkeys get tagged they are to go to the freezer and gobble until another turkey that isn't frozen, tags them. The game is over when all…

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